Canada/Alaska; DAY 4.

Day Four already - ey?! Yep, Canadian’s say that a lot ey.
I’m on my second Ferry, who’s name art thou Brian, leaving the capital of British Columbia, Victoria and heading by merry coach to Whistler, high up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. By the way, Ferry’s here are very big here. Nothing like the piddling little ones at home. Ohhh no.

The weather has been more pleasant than the pleasantest thing you could think of. As an exercise, think of that; the pleasantest thing you could imagine and double it! Then put cream and honey on top. Yesterday, Sunday, was a lovely spring day. Warm but not too hot and with a soothingly nice cool sea breeze blowing every now and then in over the city.
Everyone on the tour is gradually getting to know each other. There are aussies from all over the country. I’m the youngest by a long shot and they’re all a nice, friendly bunch of people.

We had a choice of things to do on Sunday Morning. Some went fishing or schlepping for Salmon, some went up in a sea plane while others trundled about Victoria in a horse and cart. I went along with another couple on the historical tour of the city. We got to have a good look at the city from a bit of a non tourist’s point of view. Saw lots of nice houses and ended up at the Lieutenant Governor's Residence in the up market part of town.

As I said, it’s spring here and this place is awash with flowers of all sorts. It’s disgustingly pretty if that’s a valid description. We spent a good two or three hours at the Governor’s and her amazing garden. The colours and textures are so intense. The place is worked and maintained by volunteer gardening enthusiasts and they’ve done an awesome job. I’ve seen nice gardens before but this one was really like...really nice. On the way back we stopped off at a suburban mini-mart to get a drink etc. If you like strawberry’s this is the place to come. They are fricken enormous here and still really sweet and tasty. I was tempted to buy a big punnet of them (hold two fists together side by side and you can get an idea of the `standard’ size punnets filled to the brim with gorgeous and rich tasting strawberrys and only five bucks.

I had a great time with my new Handcam and digital camera filming and photographing everything. It should look really good in high def when I get home and edit it all together. I almost overdosed on Gardens today. After the ole guv’s residence we trundled off to have a look at a private garden that was just the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen. But not in a cutesy sort of way. The fence around the place was nailed nice. Some people in this world put an awful lot of work into their garden. I don’t. But that’s something else entirely.
We got back to the hotel and then it was out again at 1pm to have a look at the Butchart Gardens. This garden made the governors look like a little hobby garden.
Bloody hell it’s a big place.

I’m still trying to get over my jet lag. Not a lot of sleep at night and little kitty concussions through the day. This means it’s like having a light nodding off but rather than a light little nap after nodding off. It’s straight away into a deep sleep. I’m having trouble staying awake writing this so sorry if it’s a dull read. Here's a nice lil pic for you milk lovers. It's quite difficult finding full cream milk here. Everything is divided into percentages. 2%, 10, 15 and 25% for instance. I asked the chirpy young minimart girl if they had anything like full cream milk and she gave me a look as if I'd done a messy sneeze and forgotten to wipe the snot off my face. I only asked because I was curious to see how their milk tasted. (Hey! Some of us collect stamps, others climb mountains, I'm curious about the taste of milk internationally.) In New Zealand, for instance, it's really sweet and creamy. I didn't end up finding full cream milk, but she did recomend the brand I bought below. It just tasted like normal to me.

Got Milk!