Canada/Alaska; DAY 6 - `It is Happening Again.'

Day 6 and I'm here in Banff, Alberta. Sitting in a Starbucks, hands shaking after a short helicopter flight over the rocky mountains. I was glad to touch earth again but I was shit scarred going up in my first helicopter flight. I would have been okay but what I thought was a solid wall I was leaning against in the copter was in fact a door and a girl opened it to help me untangle the headphones and get buckled up. From then on I was somewhat paranoid that the door would fly open. I kept my tiny brain occupied videoing the ride but I was somewhat nervous up there. Bloody spectacular view though. Strewth! But lets back up a few days shall we?These are pics continuing on my adventure trundle to enroute to Whistler. Just about everything I see here reminds me of Twin Peaks. The haunting, jazzy soundtrack playing in my head as we drive along. Misty mountains covered in Douglas Fir and dark and foreboding skies, heavy and pregnant with either rain or snow. Some guy clicking his fingers in a rhythmic fashion - `Laura?! Lauuura?!' Man I'm looking forward to the Festival of the Log (Twin Peaks marathon) when I get back home. Whistler is a cool place and not just temperature wise. This is where the Winter Olympics are going to be held in a couple of years. It has the cutest little shopping centre that looks like a little Bavarian village. Not that I know what one looks like...maybe a Disney version of one then. Either way it's very pretty and must look great in winter when it's full of snow.The Fairmont Whistler Inn is where we stayed the night. For my mind, such as it is, fricken luxury. Tonight I had a skype chat with Dougie Robertson back in Newcastle and then went down for dinner. I gobbled down some air dried Buffalo and Truffles with shaved parmasan and olive oil for entree followed by Elk Meatloaf in a lush rich gravy and bacon with three coloured Cauliflower and garlic mashed potato's. All this topped off with a `Study' of Creme Brulei. Burp and Feck is all I'll say to that. Our breakfast's have been on a huge scale as well. Basically I just gobble down a delicious American style breakfast, chock full of all thats good for you and then sit around on my puffy white ass all day on a bus snoozing and staring gobsmacked at the scenery. Love these holidays.Woke up nice and early and headed off to the Sun Peaks Resort near Kamloops. The landscape has changed again and is now more hilly with less trees. Still, lots of trees but in comparison a lot less and full of naughty bugs eating them too. Something to do with Global Warming and hippies not allowing fires to be lit and then the bugs which need the fires to control them go ape shit and eat all the trees. Bloody Hippies.