Phew! All Done!

I've had my head down and bum up for the last couple of months trying to complete my slate of work and now it's time for my holiday. I'm leaving this Friday from Sydney and will hopefully post here on Saturday or Sunday night from Vancouver ... which I guess will be Monday here in Oz or something - (Strewth! I can't even count my change, how do you expect me to work out the international date line?)

I'm taking my Macbook and digital camera and I just bought a full High Def handycam so I'll be keeping myself busy shooting the shit out of everything I can point and stare at. And when I get back I'll edit it all together with dull music and a monotone narration and have a movie night at my place. And you're all invited!

Below is the final in the current series of National Brokers Group illustrations for you to see. I can't remember what the copy is... something about teams pulling together I think - I don't think Sally Robbins works at NBG.
Ross CarrollComment