Protest! Don't watch the Olympics in China

One thing I don't like is bullies. Big or small, a person or a country. Bullies really piss me off.
I watched Four Corners last night on ABC 1 and got really pissed off at how the Chinese are repressing the Buddhist population in Tibet. Men with Guns who violently push around Buddhist Monks are not men. They are cowards.

There's not too much an individual can do against such a giant force as the Chinese Government but one thing I can do is not watch the Olympics. To me, I can see no difference between this and the 1936 Games in Nazi Germany. Supporting the Olympics, watching them even, is tacitly supporting a government that supports evil regimes like the Burmese junta, Mugabe in Zimbabwe and the criminally insane Sudanese President, Omar al-Beshir.

Recently I went looking to see what Falun Gung actually was. Was it a cult? Was it a disruptive political force that could destabilize a government or way of life? Nope. They're just Buddhists. In fact they're closer to the real ideal of the Buddha that's become distorted like most religions, through the centuries. It's kind of like Buddhism with a bit of Tai Chi thrown in. Wow, what a threat. But why would you want to go anyway? I've just read that spectators won't be allowed to wave banners or flags supporting their teams at the Olympics! What the?? Talk about control freaks.

There's not much you can do. But the very least is you can do is not watch the Olympics. Give them the low ratings they
deserve at the very least. Tell your friends, switch off. Have a barby, a beer and toast the Dali Lama instead and celebrate the true meaning of what it is to be an individual.