No I haven't died...

Ha ha ha, ahhh, yesss, I'm still here. No messy bowel cancers or early strokes for me yet. I've just been very very busy over the last two months on a quite large job. I've been doing an illustration for Port Stephens Council's new mobile Library. It's the size of a semi trailer so it's quite large. It took me ages to find a monitor that big. I've also been working on another illustration for National Brokers Group and although I didn't have a Christmas break as such, I did find time to molest elderly people in their beds in nursing homes on the Central Coast. Love those forced sloppy kisses.
Anyway, just so your not lonely and don't feel like you've wasted your time navigating over to my site to see if I've put anything new up. Here's a lovely little video about Jockeys.
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