Look Kids - Dubbo!!

Goodbye fellow meat sacks. I’m on Holiday again. This time I’m on my way out west with my folks in the Australian version of a Winnebago, the `Swagman’. We’re heading South West to Broken Hill, then Lake Eyre, Uluru and finally Alice Springs. All up. Three weeks Of driving and pointing and staring at large expanses of desert and pointy mountain type thingies. At the moment we’re in the uplifting spiritual experience that is Dubbo.

For those outside of Australia, Dubbo is a unique place located on the western plains of New South Wales. The little pet door within the larger door to the outback of Australia.
It is a mysterious place with much Koorie law and history taking place here. The Aboriginal law court of Australia it used to be known as. Many tribal disputes were sorted out here. The first `Bush Lawyers’ were trained here and to this day it is referred to by the Australian Supreme Court each time it begins a session. If Justice has an Aboriginal name, it is Dubbo.

Those from Australia reading this, Shoosh!

So that’s it for now. I’ll try and keep updating as I go along with blog entries and pretty pictures n stuff.

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