Back to blogging.

Goodestly Morninge!

I've neglected my blog lately (poor lil thing). I've changed it around, prodded it, all for it's own good mind you. And I'm still not done yet. A little bit of tweaking will be in order to bring it into sync with my new site, however for the moment I'm going to give it a rest and start posting some more. Facebook has taken over my brain a bit lately. I cursed it when I first was on it because no one I knew was on it and I just couldn't see the point of it (kind of like how I feel about twitter at the moment). But now a whole slew of my folk are using it and it's value is far more apparent to me. Well, for the most part. I've already managed to put my foot in my mouth. Isn't the first time and won't be the last, but I've got to be careful and think before I post. (damn)

I've been really happy with my work lately. I've achieved a great balance of paid work and personal work happening. I've been working on a `Mr Shiny' web comic. I've quite a few to do as a whole lot of them came out of me in the space of a few hours and I furiously scribbled them down. I'm going to try and get them out once a month and I'll see where they lead me.

Here's a great ad I've just found online.

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