Functionally Capitalist and functionally retarded.

It's October and some time before Christmas I'm going to revamp and repurpose this Blog with reviews of movies, telly and books and stuff, personal videos.   For instance, the ongoing saga of me trying to loose weight or just a breakfast with me at my favorite Cafe.  I've also this idea also of doing a series of short videos of the utterly stupid history of Australia with Robert Hughes `Fatal Shore' as my guide.

Why am I doing this? Well basically I need to earn a quid and I don't want to work for anyone else to do it.
Selfish? Well, yes. But I think also realistic. I could go on and I've deleted what I wrote here because I don't want to burn any bridges but.... I get excited about stuff most of my circle of friends don't, ie, the new Superman Reboot. I'm excited about the reboot and that they announced very recently that Zack Snyder who made 300 and Watchmen is on board as director with Chris Nolan of the new Batman movies overseeing production. I'm excited about my new AppleTV and pretty much anything new gadget wise. I get excited about new TV shows or new concepts and scientific discoveries.  I get excited about doing my artwork and getting it out there for people to see and buy.  If that excites you too then I reckon we can be friends. I'm pretty easy that way you know. My point is. The internet provides a great way to make money from just being yourself - if you know how to milk it (as they say in the classics).

So inbetween working on artwork for a couple of exhibitions I've got planned I'm going to be making some changes to this here blog. I hope you like it.

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