Just back from watching Skyline.

I'm just back from seeing the latest in the `Naughty Aliens invade Planet Earth' genre of movies; Skyline.
If you like mindless boof (and you know I do Mumma!) then you'll enjoy this. It's really not that bad a movie but it's certainly not a great one either.  

The Nissan Skyline has absolutely nothing
to do with this movie. Although it would
have been cool if it did.
Aside from an ending that is just...well, what can I say? It's just plain fucking awful, (oh there I did it), other than that it's a fun hour or so at the flicks. Good popcorn, yay human race, boooo greedy aliens kind of movie.  Just don't bring your brain cause other than enjoying what the aliens do with them, there's no point in bringing your own along, and truly, it would be a waste of time.

The worst part about this movie is that you want the aliens to eat all of the characters. They're so unlikable you wish you could yell to the aliens - `They're hiding in the kitchen!! No no, look harder, they're crouched behind the bench!' The best part, aside from it's short running time, well, it looks like they've made it on a relatively low budget and in that respect it's very well done. The aliens are a range of scary blue light, tentacle thingies and bigger versions of the monster that tries to eat Luke Skywalker in `The Return of the Jedi'. Humans fight back with some degree of success but then, you can never keep a good alien down. You don't get to fly about the universe in big space ships like they do, to be defeated by shaved apes with basic implements for weapons. Or do you?

I went with my friend Mr Wilbert to the new Titan XC cinema at Charlestown  to see it. It looks like us Novacastrians who like quality movie going experiences won't be going out to Glendale for our Big Boofy Movie fix anymore.  It's a big stadium cinema with huge comfy leather armchair seats and enough leg room for a big bugger like me to stretch his legs out all the way and not annoy the people in front.  Cause I can't reach them.

The movie gets a three out of five from this Scout Master and the new cinema a 4.5.