This weeks Movie News

Wow, it never rains but it pours hey? There's a fair whack of geeky goodness getting about the internets this week. First off is the trailer (click the link to see it) for `The Green Lantern' which looks like it's going to be a huge eye candy, intergalactic, superhero, wet dream of a movie.

Then there's Iron Man director  Jon Faverau's next boof-fest - `Cowboys and Aliens' with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford (where it looks like he's playing the baddie for a change). Once again, click the link to see the trailer. The trailer doesn't give too much away but it looks like Craig or `Mr Bond' as he's now known, plays a naughty cowboy waking up with no memory and a big chunky bangle he didn't get at the last fair and going back to a town where everyone but him knows who he is. Harrison Ford turns up to grumpily demand the locals turn Mr Bond over to him and his motivation group and then a whole lot of space ships come flying in shootin' the place up and scattering everyone about `willy nilly'. Oh, and there's a hot looking Pocahontas chick who seems a bit miffed that Mr Bond doesn't remember who she is. Pffft, he really must be sick. Apologies, but I do have a major `Squaw' fetish thing going.

Down and out and bound
And then there's one I've never heard of, it kind of snuck in under the radar. `Your Highness' stars those blokes, James Franco (damn fine actor/artist) and Danny McBride from the TV series, `East bound and down' - which I've only discovered this past couple of weeks.  This fillum may reward us all in the jocular department, so keep an eye out for it. Mind you having a scene where Natalie Portman bathes in armoured underwear doesn't hurt either and once again, it looks like Gary Oldman is the villain. HEY!! Back off man, it's what he does. Oh, and there's a trailer out for the new Winnie the Pooh movie and it actually looks really quite lovely. (The artwork looks so lush).

Just some quickie goss. George Clooney is apparently up for the lead in Steven Soderbergh's version of `The Man from Uncle'. Which just having these two attached should immediately make it more interesting than the average bear.  Speaking of which, in news with no basis in fact, Phillip Glass is doing the soundtrack to the new Yogi Bear movie. News that thankfully turned out to be shite, Robert Zemekis was rumoured to be remaking `The Wizard of Oz' from the original 1939 movie's screenplay. Luckily this turned out to be utter crap that we can only thank your gods for that it isn't true.

And Harry?
I'm hoping to get to see the first of the last Harry Potter movies sometime this weekend so a review of it won't be too far away. It does look good and I'm an unashamed fan of the books and the movies. I reckon a Harry movie fest, one after the other, will be up soon. Keep an eye out or why not subscribe to my blog so you'll know when it's here. Click on the RSS link in the side bar or sign up with Google friends and every time I put up a post you'll know about it.
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