Where ideas go to die

I have lots of ideas and most times, well, who am I kidding, all of the time, they just sit there piling up in the back of my mind. Gnawing on themselves until the day when someone else thinks of a similar or identical concept.  They pop up on the news or the Internet and I say to myself, 'goddammit!'  

So I'm going to put them out there now because beyond the obvious fact that my mind needs the room, there's absolutely no way I'll ever realize them to conclusion. But perhaps they might inspire someone reading them who will. The most I can expect in thanks is a nice comment saying 'thanks Rossco for your wonderful idea. I took and ran it and after further development, I'm triffically successful as a result and I couldn't have done it without you. What a guy!' 

So here's one item in my garage sale of ideas for anyone to take for their own and build on.

Movie idea:

The colony.
And nothing's really changed.
Australia in the near future. A fleet of modestly sized, beat up looking spaceships appear above The city of Sydney. There is the usual kerfuffle when events like this happen. Attempts are made to contact them, the worlds media descend on Sydney to cover the event, people either flee Sydney or alternately flock to it to welcome the extraterrestrial visitors. Soon one of the ships descends to land and from it a small group of large, pompously dressed, bright red aliens walk/ slither from it.  Ignoring the locals vainly trying to get their attention, they plant an elaborate, important looking shiny pole in the soil, salute it and then seem to congratulate each other. 

They signal to the other ships who move off around the country and land disgorging what look like Alien soldiers and a ragged bunch of other aliens who we soon come to learn, are convicts.  This is a story that literally mirrors the British colonisation of Australia.  A bungled first contact with the locals and the clumsy attempts to communicate with them. The aliens are arrogant and seem only to acknowledge the locals in the most anthropological and at best, condescending manner. Some however seem to genuinely engage with us and want to learn our language and customs. 

Mirroring the story of Bennelong, one of the locals is captured and 'tamed'. He is asked if he wants to go back to the aliens home world and does so when one of the ships leave. Alien disease wipes out many Australians and the country is quarantined from the rest of the world, there are cultural misunderstandings and locals and aliens loose their lives. The aliens seem also to have trouble living on our food and many lie close to death or dying of starvation in the streets of Sydney and around the country. Just as we seem to have reached an understanding between the two species, more ships appear above Sydney.