More new Telly!

Hello there fellow telly-fish. Here's a round up of another show I'm enjoying from the 2010 fall season of telly-visual n audio broadcasting.

No Ordinary Family
I've gotta admit. When I first read the description of this show I was very underwhelmed. It came across as a poor mans version of the Fantastic Four or The Incredibles.  Just, not as interesting.  But I've watched every episode so far and I'm hooked. It's a good show!

Theres no lurid spandex outfits or flying but there is a nice, though not saccharine, hour long adventure show about a modern fractured family. After crashing a light plane in the Amazon River, they find themselves with a range of super powers. Well c'mon, stranger things happen at sea for some reason. They could have been eaten by Piranha fish but then, where does the show go after that hypothetical? So far, it's been dealing with the family coping with their new found powers and it seems to be heading toward an `Incredibles' style Super-family team-up.

There's the Scientist Mum (Julie Benz, who previously played Dexter's wife, Rita), with too much to do and not enough time to do it who gets super speed. She works as a genius research scientist for a large, kinda naughty, Biotech company. With the help of her daffy assistant, who seems to solve more problems than her genius boss, she tries to get up to speed as to why her family has these new found gifts.

Meanwhile, impotent, Police Sketch Artist Dad (Michael Chiklis from The Shield and `The Thing' in `The Fantastic Four ') wants to use his super strength, ability to leap long distances at a high altitude and invulnerability to bullets to be a Superhero and frankly, why wouldn't he?  The incomunicable teen Daughter can read minds and the just hitting puberty dunce Son is now a genius who is far more intelligent as a character than the motion artists employed to visualize his intelligence. I can almost hear the memo from the studio, (Can't you make it look more sciencey?)

They're minor quibbles though. Yes you've seen these situations before but the show has it's own likable charisma and that more than anything keeps you wanting to tune in again. Lets  hope it doesn't go the way of the sadly turgid Heroes.