My Tron Legacy 3D review

For the life of me I don't understand how a movie like Tron Legacy, that is almost overpowered by it's own spectacular special effects, can be so dull. The movie was conceived, like Avatar, to be shot in 3D, or so I've read, but it was the most underwhelming display of the fad that I've ever seen. It's a movie that has been years in development at Disney and a lot of time and money has been lavished on it but I don't know if it could have been improved by a better script because ultimately, what is there to write about? I mean it's about being sucked, literally, into a video game. I suppose some talented writers with some original and lateral thinking could have come up with something but I guess they were all busy working on the Yogi Bear movie.

The story, such as it is, goes like this, the son of a missing genius and idealistic gaming millionaire finds his way to the alternate world his father created inside a computer. The son, Sam, played by an actor of some sort, learns quickly that he has to fight in a neon, gladiatorial arena to survive. Sam causes a stir and meets the bad guy who looks like a younger, CG version of his old man, but of course isn't. Then he gets rescued by an attractive young lady with a bowl haircut wearing a very snug fetishistic, fitting neon jumpsuit who takes him to meet his real, wrinkly non-CG Dad.

There's a bit of argy bargy between father and son and the first yawn should begin to happen around this point of the movie. I'm not even going to bother describing the rest because you've seen it all before. It's like watching a movie that wasn't just typed up in Microsoft Word, it feels like it was written by Microsoft Word. Jeff Bridges is the best thing about this tedious effort. Every now and then, flashes of 'the dude' would come out in his performance which was nice to see but God it hurts my brain trying to find something interesting to write about this bloody film...I liked the soundtrack!

Two out of five stars but honestly, wait till you find it in the three dollar weekly bin because there's nothing you haven't seen before.