Mr Shiny enters mid-stage.

Here's the first image completed from my children's picture book I've been planning for, well, bloody years now, `Mr Shiny has stories: How Prawns and Bee's became best friends'.   I'm trying to get it done between Critter pics, of which I've a new one stewing in my scone, just working out the details.

I've a bit of a quandary though and I'd love some feedback on this. I want to sell this, when it's all done, from Amazon and the Apple iBook Store, (and print too hopefully) them being all international and such like, should I call it How Shrimp and Bees's became best friends?  Because I think it's only us and the poms who call them prawns. Though I may be wrong. It might be just an Aussie thing.

I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions.