In Situ...


`In Situ', it sounds like something muttered by a grizzled English detective in a small village where everyone dies. (Did they not think to look more closely at the investigating detectives?)

In this case it's one of my artworks I've had printed and framed so you can get a good idea as to how it will look.  This is an Instagram image of a farmhouse I took one night while stopped at road works on my way home after visiting my father in hospital. 

I don't know - I just really like this image. I like the darkness. It's a low light Instagram image that's been enlarged so it has an impressionist feel I like that rewards the viewer with a pleasing image of mystery and the potential for crime. If Australian houses had basements then this place has one you may not return from visiting. Or alternatively it could be where Kevin Spacey has gone to ground.

It's been printed on a satin finish, pearlescent paper. The good thick stuff. Like my brain... but thicker.