So long Facebook

Photo by s-cphoto/iStock / Getty Images

There. I did it.  I've taken the surprisingly emotional decision to delete my bloody Facebook account.

Hello to any friends popping in looking for an explanation.

The recent issues with Cambridge Analytica played a large part in my decision. I've known about this company and how they used the data to manipulate the election for some time now as my friend Stevie Gumpin, a Medical Statistician and Rock Concert Promoter (no really), told me all about them and their nefarious ways some time ago.  But what really pissed me off was Facebooks callow and insipid reaction when this information was exposed to the mainstream. Frankly it sounded like Zuckerberg and his minions were more pissed off that they were caught than being genuinely remorseful at helping to elect a functionally retarded narcissist & white supremacist like Donald Trump to the US Presidency.  

That's my stated reason anyways. 
And I guess if I'm completely honest -
I'm just fucking bored shitless with Facebook.

I got all het up about Climate Change a few years ago and spent some time on Climate Change pages sparring with, what I now realise, were Russians doing whatever they could to destabilize our western liberal democracy.  If this were just about democracy that would bad enough, however I don't think the long term survival of this miracle blue ball in space is something to be played with so lightly.  I feel depleted emotionally from the energy I put into countering arguments and researching the subject to win arguments with pathetic nobodies in a failed state like Russia. Nothing against the Russians themselves but seriously, why do you keep putting up with this shit? What? The shit you went through with the communist's wasn't enough?

Anyway, that's my rant over with. I'm hoping now to be a bit more proactive on this personal website of mine now that I'm no longer devoting time and energy to the mental masturbation of Facebook. 

And of course - you can still find me on Twitter and Instagram.