Shaun Drones on!

My mate Shaun built himself a drone and sent it off to fight the Japs. He attached a GoPro Hero 3 to it along with a live video feed back to his controller, a GPS and a few nozzles and flange brackets for safety and fun.  I filmed him showing it off with my iPhone 4S that I stole off of a homeless kiddie who should've  been out getting a job.

Mr Happy - Snaps!

He's Back!! 
Here's a blast from my student past, directed by old mate Tristan Wake, story by the both of us and screenplay by me. It's Mr Happy - Snaps!  

Starring a cast of some of my dearest friends - Joe TV, Jamie Lewis, Wendy Gunthorpe, Graham Wilson, Steve Halpin and Myself as what Alan Jones sees every time he shuts his eyes.  

Oh and kids.  Try Googling `Mr Happy - Snaps! '  The results are wonderfully surprising.

Prawn World Lives!

It's been some time between postings and here's why. This is the latest image from the Children's book I'm working on, `Mr Shiny has Stories: How Prawns and Bees became best friends’.  And this - is `Prawn World'
- It's where Prawns live!! (durrrr) 

I've been working on this since October last year and omigawd it's good to finish it. And now it's time to get in and finish the next thirty two or so. Constructive comments are most welcome - so over to you...

Zombie Wilberts!!

Children are naturally competitive creatures, even the walking dead kind!  Here's one of my favourite images from dear friends of mine. Being the modern folk they are they've kept both of their names in marriage - Roberts and Wilson. It saves time to just call them all `The Wilberts'.

This photo is of one of the, (identical twin), Wilbert Zombie boys who has recently feasted on the corpse of one of his siblings. (Only DNA testing can tell them apart).  Jane's bowl of Coco Pops and Milo for desert is all she needs as defence. A bio defence weapon that is little explored within it's filmed genre.