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Who’s a good dog?

I toddled off with my friend Deb and saw Wes Anderson’s new movie, Island of Dogs this week. This is another stop motion masterpiece pulled seemingly from nowhere (well until I saw the trailer I’d never heard of it.)  

Its funny, touching and heartfelt and looks amazing. I reckon it’s safe to say that Mr Anderson is a ‘Dog person’ because cats and those who look out for them get short shrift). For the record I love both.  I love all animals except for baby Harp Seals. Those duplicitous, evil creatures deserve everything they get.

I guess after you’ve been on this planet for a while and loved movies more than most you really appreciate a movie that’s so wonderfully original and entertaining. I don’t want to say too much about it - I went along knowing next to nothing about it and really enjoyed the journey as it unfolded in front of us.

Five mighty hambones out of five and with plenty of gristle to knaw on later. 

So long Facebook
Photo by s-cphoto/iStock / Getty Images

There. I did it.  I've taken the surprisingly emotional decision to delete my bloody Facebook account.

Hello to any friends popping in looking for an explanation.

The recent issues with Cambridge Analytica played a large part in my decision. I've known about this company and how they used the data to manipulate the election for some time now as my friend Stevie Gumpin, a Medical Statistician and Rock Concert Promoter (no really), told me all about them and their nefarious ways some time ago.  But what really pissed me off was Facebooks callow and insipid reaction when this information was exposed to the mainstream. Frankly it sounded like Zuckerberg and his minions were more pissed off that they were caught than being genuinely remorseful at helping to elect a functionally retarded narcissist & white supremacist like Donald Trump to the US Presidency.  

That's my stated reason anyways. 
And I guess if I'm completely honest -
I'm just fucking bored shitless with Facebook.

I got all het up about Climate Change a few years ago and spent some time on Climate Change pages sparring with, what I now realise, were Russians doing whatever they could to destabilize our western liberal democracy.  If this were just about democracy that would bad enough, however I don't think the long term survival of this miracle blue ball in space is something to be played with so lightly.  I feel depleted emotionally from the energy I put into countering arguments and researching the subject to win arguments with pathetic nobodies in a failed state like Russia. Nothing against the Russians themselves but seriously, why do you keep putting up with this shit? What? The shit you went through with the communist's wasn't enough?

Anyway, that's my rant over with. I'm hoping now to be a bit more proactive on this personal website of mine now that I'm no longer devoting time and energy to the mental masturbation of Facebook. 

And of course - you can still find me on Twitter and Instagram.

`Oh you bumbling Booby!'

The little boy I have locked inside me is really looking forward to this new reboot of Lost in Space. `Shut up kid, I'll feed you when I'm ready'. Wot? 
I loved the original and I didn't mind the movie either - But this looks like it's capturing something the movie didn't capture (well, I don't think so, it's been a while since I've seen it). But do you remember how anxious you felt for the family being in their predicament?  So far away from everyone. Lost and alone and each week was some new, weird predicament and adventure. And it got pretty trippy too. I remember one episode that seemed to be in an endless expanse with floating paths that intersected each other. LIke an old Bugs Bunny cartoon I saw eons ago. 
I think I need a good lie down.

Here's a great new trailer for the show coming to Netflix.

The Robinson family, part of a highly trained mission to establish a new colony in space, is unexpectedly pulled off course forcing them to crash land on a lost planet. Danger will find them. Lost in Space premieres April 13, 2018.
Hurricane Abbott

I read this today and had to repost it as I believe it succinctly cuts through to the core of Tony Abbott, as to the low character of the man himself and the selfishness of his political ambitions.

Force of Abbott


Periodically, a fact is so self-evident that to state it can make its obviousness seem startling. This, for example: There is no force in public life more destructive than Tony Abbott.

For almost a decade, since he first became opposition leader, Tony Abbott has held Australia to ransom. He has trashed four parliaments. None were better for his presence in them.

His solitary skill is damage. He has wrecked institutions, torn down careers. He has ridiculed the rule of law and coarsened the realm of debate. He has governed against minorities and indulged himself at the expense of duty.

In opposition, he was driven by entitlement, by a loon-eyed belief that he had been anointed to higher office. Here was a man whose mother believed he would be pope or prime minister. Ill discipline denied him the former and cost him the latter.

Having lost the leadership, Abbott is driven by revenge. He has no interest but himself. His anger is the anger of confusion. Abbott cannot reconcile that the world is not the way he imagined it to be, with him as prime minister and the country docile in its satisfaction. This confusion is greater than simple self-interest: it is driven by the fact Abbott never understood he was living in a contemporary society; he governed for a world that no longer existed, for a fantasy of the past. His leadership was always illusory. His default has always been treachery.

That one man could do so much damage is testament to his corrosive gift for harm. Here is the man who held back the country on climate action, who invented whole electoral edifices to deny marriage equality. Here is the man who weaponised a fear of refugees and later Muslims, who made citizenship a plaything, who fractured the community in the hope of leading its broken wreckage. Here is a man for whom truth is an abstract concept. The most honest thing to be said about him is that he has a working substitute for integrity.

A person of any dignity would resign the parliament. There is no room for him in it and he has nothing to offer if he stays. Each day he remains, he serves only as a lesson in the flaws of the human character. He is a study in male rage.

A byelection is always a fraught proposition, especially for a government in a state such as that which Malcolm Turnbull leads. There is always a risk that an independent might win and refuse the balance of power.

But the risk posed by electors is no match for the risk posed by Tony Abbott. This man is dangerous. He has nothing to lose, not dignity nor esteem. He stands for nothing and that makes him explosive.

The parliament cannot continue in this stalemate. The Liberal Party cannot continue to negotiate with a terrorist. That is what Tony Abbott has become. He has no care for the carnage he creates. He is not troubled by the damage, by the policy stasis, by the landmines he sets between what the country wants and what its leader is allowed to do.

Tony Abbott has never provided good government. He has spent almost a decade denying it. The only decent thing he has left to contribute is his resignation.

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Jul 8, 2017 as "Force of Abbott". Subscribe here.

I need you to watch this Movie and share it about...(Please)

I’ve posted this movie here on my site in the hope that maybe a few more people than the many  thousands who have already seen it, will multiply.  It’s my own small little way of helping. 

Other than that I’m writing letters to politicians - not to berate them, but to show them that there’s another, more profitable way to create jobs and revenue in building an economy based on renewable energy.

We need to get rid of Coal mining, Petrol driven cars etc and create more forests and restore degraded land so we can begin sucking the carbon out of our atmosphere and restore our environment to how it should be.
Otherwise, we’re going to kill this planet.

Help by watching and sharing. Read about the the Third Industrial Revolution - the book and Kindle Ebook are available by clicking the Amazon Link opposite.

Watch a video of Jeremy Rifkin talking about the Third Industrial Revolution here.

A thought bubble bursts over columnists...

A Thought bubble -

Reading the Sydney Morning Herald website this morning, I scanned down through the headlines and came to editorial section where languish the persuasions of public intellectuals and paid-up pundits.

And woop-de-fucken too - here's another article by Gerard Henderson. He's one of those right wing public intellectuals you want to strangle in front of their mother because you and her would both find it funny.
He's not as bad as some as he sometimes seems to be swayed by common sense but more often than not, he's staying on course of the conservative narrative. And he's SO boring! He pops up occasionally on the ABC program `The Insiders' and he reminds me of the old cartoon `Droopy Dawg' with his hang dog, expressionless, humourless face and Truman Capote voice.

The Sydney Herald's `other' right wing columnist, Gerard Henderson at his best. (or when David Marr isn't making him cry on the ABC's Insiders program).

The Sydney Herald's `other' right wing columnist, Gerard Henderson at his best. (or when David Marr isn't making him cry on the ABC's Insiders program).

The thing is. I rarely read what he says anymore because it's just the same old same old. There's nothing new or challenging in what he has to say, it's just the same tired conservative drivel again.  There are others at the Herald I just don't bother reading either - Paul Sheehan, well, I'm still having trouble working out whether he's sane or not.  He tends to be rampantly conservative, but of the Newt Gingrich, Moonbat variety.  

In News Corps stables there's Piers Ackerman and Andrew Bolt.   I'm sure they must get an email each day from Rupert Murdoch and Tony Abbott's office on what position they must maintain on current news items.

However, then there are the same extremist's on the left. Mike Carlton and Phillip Adams are two I have no time for. I read and listened to both for a while, well as much as I could stand to.  

I challenge anyone to not want to stab Phillip Adams in the face and garrotte him with his microphone cable after a couple of listens.  

Thats of course is if you can stay awake, his voice is like a dull white noise designed to bring people down from amphetamine highs.  And he's done fucking everything and knows fucking everyone and told them how to fucking do it. It's to the point now where, and I don't know how he couldn't be aware of this, he's become this pompous parody of himself.

I'm surprised  he hasn't claimed to be there advising Governor Arthur Phillip on how to handle interracial challenges while setting up the colony two hundred years ago.  Honestly this bloke drops name and inserts himself into every significant Australian event ad nauseam. And he's SO boring! Perhaps to balance up Gerard Henderson. 

I try to look out for columnists to read who's opinions are not dictated by ideologies. I can accept left or right leanings, but it's the ones who take issues at face value, who point out the hyprocracies of either the left or right about a situation that I find hard to locate. I can't think of any off of the top of my head though. So I'll have to get back to you on that one.