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A bee and a prawn exchange pleasantries on their way to work...

Slowly but surely I'm getting through my Mr Shiny book. Here's a new one, just in time for Christmas and ready to do another one in the new year.  I'm hoping I'll get a lot more done than I've done in 2015. Which is now two. Not a good average I admit but life has a way of getting in the way of our own best thought of plans.

Originally I'd made a start on this book a fair while ago and was going to do the original sketches, build up the image over it in Adobe Illustrator and then shade them from there but `the Missus' convinced me to use my original sketches as she felt they have a better `energy' about them.

Final Image

And so, the final image of a bee and a prawn saying hello to each other on the way to work.  It seems very English for some reason.

New Images from my Book...

I’m still beavering away on my book. Here are several of my latest pictures.

Prawns and Bee’s really had nothing much to do with each other but would always wave to each other whenever the chance arose.

Bee’s are very sensitive creatures and can tell if someone is happy, sad or as mad as a fruitcake!

Not much is known about how Prawns feel emotionally but anecdotally there’s much evidence to support a popular theory of aquamarine empathy.

Prawn World Lives!

It's been some time between postings and here's why. This is the latest image from the Children's book I'm working on, `Mr Shiny has Stories: How Prawns and Bees became best friends’.  And this - is `Prawn World'
- It's where Prawns live!! (durrrr) 

I've been working on this since October last year and omigawd it's good to finish it. And now it's time to get in and finish the next thirty two or so. Constructive comments are most welcome - so over to you...

Bee World Lives!

I'm a bit brain fried at the moment but happy and that's due to finishing a quite large image for Mr Shiny's story of how Prawns and Bee's became best friends.

Here are the two latest images from the book.



There's around two months of work in these two so with Prawn world to come, I guess you may see that one some time around December. 

Mr Shiny enters mid-stage.

Here's the first image completed from my children's picture book I've been planning for, well, bloody years now, `Mr Shiny has stories: How Prawns and Bee's became best friends'.   I'm trying to get it done between Critter pics, of which I've a new one stewing in my scone, just working out the details.

I've a bit of a quandary though and I'd love some feedback on this. I want to sell this, when it's all done, from Amazon and the Apple iBook Store, (and print too hopefully) them being all international and such like, should I call it How Shrimp and Bees's became best friends?  Because I think it's only us and the poms who call them prawns. Though I may be wrong. It might be just an Aussie thing.

I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions.