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Who’s a good dog?

I toddled off with my friend Deb and saw Wes Anderson’s new movie, Island of Dogs this week. This is another stop motion masterpiece pulled seemingly from nowhere (well until I saw the trailer I’d never heard of it.)  

Its funny, touching and heartfelt and looks amazing. I reckon it’s safe to say that Mr Anderson is a ‘Dog person’ because cats and those who look out for them get short shrift). For the record I love both.  I love all animals except for baby Harp Seals. Those duplicitous, evil creatures deserve everything they get.

I guess after you’ve been on this planet for a while and loved movies more than most you really appreciate a movie that’s so wonderfully original and entertaining. I don’t want to say too much about it - I went along knowing next to nothing about it and really enjoyed the journey as it unfolded in front of us.

Five mighty hambones out of five and with plenty of gristle to knaw on later. 

Worst movie of the year...?

I watched the remake of Total Recall last night. I just cannot believe how awful it was. It makes the original  look like a masterpiece...which in a cheesy Arnold way it was. But this was amazingly bad. They literally took the story out and replaced it with an hour or so of running, jumping, glowering and exploding.

Please God! Make it go away! Oh damn. I don't believe in you which means we're stuck with this shit. Du'oh!

I'm just staggered by this choice because they had such a great story to build on and they chose to take it out. Now consider this. The makers of this movie chose to remove the story from a classic of science fiction in favor of what turned out to be extremely bland and poorly executed action sequences.  I know I shouldn't be shocked or faintly surprised... I think it was the bare faced cynicism of this movie that shocked me.

Please. Next psycho gunman in the US. Don't go to a cinema and shoot it up. Go to a Hollywood Studio where they filming a remake or a board game adaption and go nuts on them. You'll actually be doing the world a service.