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Some stuff from the back of my brain.
Hello fellow sea urchins! (Polish your sea shells Guv'na?)

It's been a busy month for this fellery boy creatively. In
the next couple of weeks I'll reveal more as to what I've
been working on but in the meantime here is an update for
you all on the sketches I've been doing for my first stab
at a children's book, `Mr Shiny has stories; How Bees and
Prawns became best friends'

I figure kids want to read about seemingly innocuous items
in the world and how they do things they can't do (well if they
don't I know I do), hence the title of the next book will be
`Why tyre levers don't glow in the dark'.

I have to say a cherio to my friend Tristan Wake
who's moving with his new family (a lovely new wee bairn named Carson)from London to New York where he's going to begin work at `The Mill'. (Among many infamous commercials and movies they did the effects for Gladiator) Tristan and I were at Uni together and with some good friends we made an evil little short film called `Mr Happy - Snaps!'

He was officially the director on that but I was very bossy
in those days and had more say than I deserved. (I prefer to call it
a clarity of vision). Anyway, well done old chum and best of luck with the new job.

Here then are the promised pretty pics, please don't sell them to gypsy's.