Shaun Drones on!

My mate Shaun built himself a drone and sent it off to fight the Japs. He attached a GoPro Hero 3 to it along with a live video feed back to his controller, a GPS and a few nozzles and flange brackets for safety and fun.  I filmed him showing it off with my iPhone 4S that I stole off of a homeless kiddie who should've  been out getting a job.

Mr Happy - Snaps!

He's Back!! 
Here's a blast from my student past, directed by old mate Tristan Wake, story by the both of us and screenplay by me. It's Mr Happy - Snaps!  

Starring a cast of some of my dearest friends - Joe TV, Jamie Lewis, Wendy Gunthorpe, Graham Wilson, Steve Halpin and Myself as what Alan Jones sees every time he shuts his eyes.  

Oh and kids.  Try Googling `Mr Happy - Snaps! '  The results are wonderfully surprising.

Prawn World Lives!

It's been some time between postings and here's why. This is the latest image from the Children's book I'm working on, `Mr Shiny has Stories: How Prawns and Bees became best friends’.  And this - is `Prawn World'
- It's where Prawns live!! (durrrr) 

I've been working on this since October last year and omigawd it's good to finish it. And now it's time to get in and finish the next thirty two or so. Constructive comments are most welcome - so over to you...

Zombie Wilberts!!

Children are naturally competitive creatures, even the walking dead kind!  Here's one of my favourite images from dear friends of mine. Being the modern folk they are they've kept both of their names in marriage - Roberts and Wilson. It saves time to just call them all `The Wilberts'.

This photo is of one of the, (identical twin), Wilbert Zombie boys who has recently feasted on the corpse of one of his siblings. (Only DNA testing can tell them apart).  Jane's bowl of Coco Pops and Milo for desert is all she needs as defence. A bio defence weapon that is little explored within it's filmed genre.

How to cope with Climate Change Deniers and not go to Jail and/or Hospital

Out on my morning walk I came to realisation that really, there are no `Climate Sceptics'.  Just very scared people. Here's why I reckon this is so.

Since the Industrial Revolution in the 1800's we've been pumping pollution into the atmosphere in a big way. Factories have been building in number and for a long time and for the most part, increasing toxicity. Then the car was invented and there were more factories and people and cars. Just being stuck in peak hour traffic for a couple of hours in Sydney last week made me think exponentially how this is replicated every day and in even bigger numbers around the world. Just think of the huge populations of our city's around the world and the movement of those populations in cars and planes pumping Carbon Dioxide and other noxious gasses into the atmosphere. Now think of the decimation of forests that before industrialisation, soaked up our carbon dioxide and converted it to oxygen for us and our animal chums to breathe.

You can't ignore that over the last hundred or so years, thinking of this reality, that we can't possibly NOT have had an impact on the atmosphere, oceans and integrated environment. And the deniers, deep in the pits of their guts know this. But the scenario's predicted by scientist's, who they trust on most everything else that impacts on their lives, terrifies them. They are reacting in a similar way to someone who blocks a traumatic experience from being faced. They react by laughing or coming up with distractions. Anything to not face the truth, because to them, their particular mindset, which through no fault of their own is usually tied up with issues of low self esteem and thinking of themselves as ordinary, `what can I do?' folk, it's easier than acting upon the problem. 

To my mind a lot of it comes down to how many of us believe in God. A particular group of humans invented a god who they could credit or blame for everything that happened in their lives. I'm not saying that Christians, Jews and Muslims are to blame as Climate Sceptics and deniers, but the culture that we've grown up in for a couple of  thousands of years is, I think, responsible for a mindset of complacency and submission of thinking in larger terms of population and culture for how we react to a crisis. Especially one that is multi-generational and world wide. The Religious folk who do accept the science of Climate Change I would argue, are also those who've accepted that their god made man a steward of the planet and feel it is their duty to at least try to do something.

I'm coping with a few sceptics in my family and whatever logical argument or fact I quote from NASA or the Intergovernmental Panel set up by the UN is brushed off or laughed at and at worst, flat out denied. It's...frustrating. And it makes me sad, because I love these people and it causes me to think less of them which makes me feel bad for doing so. In my own way I guess they could argue that I'm coming up with a denial coping mechanism to deal with their denial coping mechanism and I would find that hard to deny.

So I guess what I'm saying is. Don't get angry or sanctimonious and sarcastic with those who are sceptical or deny the science that 97 or so percent of the worlds scientists who are professionally engaged in this area agree on.  Be patient and educate.  And push the anger and frustration into whatever small, cancerous ball you may nurture within yourself.

Bee World Lives!

I'm a bit brain fried at the moment but happy and that's due to finishing a quite large image for Mr Shiny's story of how Prawns and Bee's became best friends.

Here are the two latest images from the book.



There's around two months of work in these two so with Prawn world to come, I guess you may see that one some time around December. 

The very definition of a `Choke'
`OH MY GOD! That was the final episode of Breaking Bad?!  
I don't smoke anymore, but I feel a need to light one up.'

 Contrast that to...

 `What the....? That was it...?  Seriously?!  That was the final episode of Dexter?!  
Where's mah Gun?!'

I'm not into sport but I'm aware of what a `choke' is. Apparently it's when someone is winning and at that the penultimate moment they were to deliver the goods and come romping home with glory over the finish line, something within them pushes the red button they were to never go near and they self destruct and choke.  This didn't happen to Breaking Bad and thank you to those concerned for not succumbing. The same, unfortunately cannot be said of Dexter. 

I don't put Dexter in the same league as Breaking Bad. The latter for me is along with the Soprano's, one of the greatest shows ever produced for Television. But it was great fun. Throughout the eight seasons it built suspense and stretched the limits of credibility to breaking point  - but never went over. (well, for me it didn't.)  

The hero was a `good' serial killer who only ever killed `bad' serial killers.  It was aware of that absurdity and that knowing fun it enjoyed with it's audience was part of what made it such a great show.  There were so many plot lines that needed to be resolved. Dexter had a family - how would they react on finding out he was Miami's most notorious serial killer, `The Bay Harbour Butcher'?  How would his Police colleagues at Miami Metro, who trust him beyond doubt and have supported him emotionally over the years react when they find out the truth?  Would we who have accompanied Dexter as a co-conspirator along with his `Dark Passenger',  finally see him face the reality of what and who he is without the schizoid presence of his dead father?

Several times throughout the eight seasons, Dexter had come close to being discovered. It was pervasive and the longer he kept going, we felt, the bigger the fall was going to be. He had serial killer father figure mentors like John Lithgow, serial killer students and adversaries who came so close to killing and/or exposing him. He lost three women who in different ways were close to him.  His innocent wife representing the normal life he could never have. His passionate girl friend who was the representation of all he could have if he gave in to his lust for killing and his mother figure, a Psychologist who had helped his father Harry draft the code Dexter lived his life by.

The ending should have been hot and explosive but in the end all we got was a luke warm, moist towelette.   It's like for eight years the Studio Executives or Producers have been happy to leave the makers of Dexter alone to do as they please but on the very last show, couldn't help themselves and had to have a fiddle.

Here's what happened  - As his young son accompanied his Serial Killer fiancee Hannah to start a new life in Argentina, Dexters sister Deb, who had found out and come to terms with him being a serial killer, got into the wrong end of a gunfight where she ended up in the vegetable patch. Dexter euthanised her and in the shadow of an oncoming Cyclone bearing down on Miami, dumped her reverentially over the side of his pleasure craft  `The Slice of Life'.  As he watched her body sink to where he had sunk so many others, he gunned his boat and headed straight into the Cyclone toward certain death.

Yeah right.

Everyone at Miami Metro see's the news that debris from Dexter's boat has been found with no sign of life from him and there are lots of sad faces.  Hannah, drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe in Buenos Aires with Dexters young son Harrison, reads the news on her laptop, gets a sad face then asks the kid if he wants an ice cream.  One problem is that only we the audience know that Dexter was on the `Slice of Life' with dead Deb.  As far as the other characters are concerned. Dexter is alive and well in Buenos Aires. Oh well.

Buuuut...Dexter is of course, alive and well. Somehow he survived the Cyclone AT SEA. Swam to shore and made his way to British Columbia to become a FUCKING LUMBER JACK where he can sit at a table in a cabin and stare ominously at the camera.  I'm a Lumber Jack and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all day.

Hey - Makers of Dexter!

I'm very sad now and I'm going to re watch the last episode of Breaking Bad to see again how a highly anticipated final episode should be done. The makers of Dexter can join the makers of `Lost' and `Smallville' in the special hell designated to them for squibbed final episodes.  I'm still on the fence about the last episode of the Soprano's.


I shot some play time with Oscar and Andy the Down Syndrome Hand on my iPhone one rainy day last week. I like that it shows how Oscar gets so into interacting with Andy, which never ceases to amaze me. (and I get to ham it up a bit too) 

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