Early Artwork

I don't know about some critical professions like paramedics, passenger train drivers and oyster salesmen. 
But when you're an artist, you have to slip your conscious mind into neutral, do the work and let the
mistakes happen.  Otherwise the style doesn't come and you end up making clip art for a living.

My very first Mr Shiny cartoon.  It came to me during a long walk before there were digital devices to distract ones thoughts. There's time to day dream and point & stare at things that don't move and I made quite a name for myself in Newcastle doing just that.

Print this out each Christmas. At the very least, just to see what happens.

Based on a true story...

I was doing poetry looooong before Yeats and Wordsworth.  I wonder if Wordsworths parents wanted him to be an accountant? You know, just to piss off the relatives.

If you get in the bush, get nude and chow on some chocolate ice cream and suck down enough whippy bulbs, gravity reverses. Sometimes.

Puns are much funnier when you're stoned. That much is certain.

There's a truth behind this image reflected in the idea that the TV show Charlies Angels is an instruction manual for men in how to deal with todays modern woman.

Ahhh, the link between Christmas and halucinagens is as old as the Bible. Most of it was written by ancient, tripping Jews. How else did Jesus get concieved?

The National Party motto.