Pro Work #1

Dustroy, Allergy Control Spray TV Commercial
Art work & Animation.

My last job to date, allowed me to get a bit stylistic and illustrate how this
allergy control spray worked by enveloping and neutralising dust spores in
the air.

Client: Missing Link Productions, John Church Advertising 2013.


Conceptual artwork for a TV commercial animation, Dustroy. 


Smelli Gelli-Baff Television Commercial
Art Work and animation

This was a dream job for me as I got to create three different worlds
for children to go to using this product and the different scents it
sold in.  A circus, `fairy floss' world, A fizzy Cola world where I styled
the landscape on Coca Cola bottle shapes and colours. And a bouncy
bubble gum world/universe inhabited by creatures I got paid to dream up. 

Client: Missing Link Productions, V3 Productions. 2011

Candy Floss Circus world Conceptual Art. 

Cola World Conceptual Art. 

Bubble Gum World Conceptual Art. 


Art work and animation completed for a Smelli Gelli Baff  TV Commercial in 2011. 


Last Drop Cafe - Make Over

A labour of love that assisted in building patronage to my favourite Cafe and it's later sale for it's beautiful owner.
One truism I've learnt - never underestimate the power of `fairy lights' to attract attention. Cafe or retail.
Client: Monique Lee. 2011

Redesign of Cafe logo utilising existing `Espresso Bar' text already present.

Front window of The Last Drop Espresso Bar

Cafe Menu pg 1

Cafe Menu pg 2


Port Stephen Council Mobile Library


This is one of my favourite jobs. I'd been given the brief and when I presented them to the agency `Little Green Frog', each pitch was met with indifference. Then, on the spot, the entire concept came to me like a flash and I excitedly sketched it out onto a white board in front of them. I got the go ahead on the spot.  I went off, photographed family and friends and a whole bunch of trees and put it together on my struggling little iMac. So many crashes as it kept up on this enormous series of files. But I delivered and here are images from the launch day at Raymond Terrace with the Hoi polloi.

Client: Little Green Frog Marketing, Port Stephens Council. 2009.