Pro Work #2

Groovin' the Moo

I kicked off the poster designs for the first couple of Groovin' the Moo concerts due
partly to my friendship with the two concert owners and but I'd guess they gave me
a chance as well because they know what a bloody show off I can be. It's a talent.

Client: Cattleyard Promotions 2005 - 06.

I was given free range (no pun intended) to do what I wanted for the first Groovin' posters because, well none of us really knew what we were doing back then.
I had genetic modification in my head as a rural issue and developed that into
`Musically Modified' with a genetically modified bovine sound system and farm animals
rockin' out to it's noises.  Most comments on the poster through the day were questions about what sort of LSD I was taking and where they could get some. (It's a family recipe)

A somewhat more toned down concept but designed to grab your attention and get across that the event is about musical cattle... somehow.

The following year I had an image in my head of different characters bouncing about within a landscape of cow udders and the eruptions of milk and cream that would logically erupt from the cow teets.  My style is more illustrative than graphical so this may have sealed my fate for future poster designs. I know, it's pretty out there. (big smiley face emoji).


Humanomics: Workplace Health Services

A series of illustrations to promote the services of a company who put potential employees through
a series of standardised tests prior to employment and training in OH&S areas. I have no idea why
the characters have no pupils in their eyes or mouths. It was an instinctive stylistic decision.

Client: Little Green Frog Marketing 2009



National Brokers Group: `Bob on the Job',

A series of magazine ad illustrations for Bob. A mortgage broker illustrating that NBG brokers are never
too busy to take a call - no matter what the occasion.   I had a lot of fun with this job using photos in an
illustrative way.

Client: Little Green Frog Marketing 2009


National Brokers Group: `Howard & Costello'

The first series of Trade Magazine Ad for NBG.  I can't remember now what the actual campaign was called
but I named the two `foils' to our NBG hero's, Howard & Costello after our Prime Minister & Treasurer.
This series went on to be nominated for a national Advertising award against other's including Westpac and
the Commonwealth Bank. I lost out but it was an honour to be nominated. No really!!

Client: Little Green Frog Marketing. 2008


Perisher Blue Ski Resort

One of my favourite jobs. I got to create a world for kids down at Perisher Blue in the Australian Alps
and educate them on snow safety.  The main character Professor Nugget was modelled and named after
me by Out of the Square Media owner Martin Adnum. We had a disturbing amount of fun making this
successful campaign. There were even full sized costumes made of the characters. If I've one regret it's
that I never got a photo of myself with the Professor.

Client: Out of the Square Media. 2001 - 03(ish)

A Ski safety poster I designed for Perisher Blue Ski Resort.

Detail of one of the ski safety panels.

Screen capture of the Perisher website kids section. Professor Nuggets lab where we made Flash games and animations for kids to play and learn about ski saftey at the resort.