It's night and I'm confused...

Where did the light go?

Where did this day go? And when did Christine Anu start strangling cats?
I'm still on holiday at the moment and enjoying it immensely...getting up late, reading the paper,drinking coffee and working on Mr in the afternoon and into the night. And it's suddenly late...hmm wouldn't mind a cone now..

There's a show on the ABC now,live music in celebration of NAIDOC week. Christine Anu is singing and she's annoying the shit out of me. I didn't realise she was one of those hideous cat stranglers like Streisand, Dion and every bloody black singer out there who insist on wailing in the missaprehension that they sound good. NO YOU DON'T!! It's just bloody awful and it scares the kiddies and horses now please stop! Thank you.

Well I discovered this great thing that makes life easier in uploading pictures to this blog so I'm a very happy squirrel on that front.

I keep putting off books to read because I have three sitting here at home in various states of being read. Two on Disneyland and one big thickie on Captain Cook. My two obsessions of the moment. No one could accuse me of not having a wide range of interests. Trouble is other things pop into the headlights that interest me like...Peter Fitzsimons new book on Kokoda. My Grandfather was there...I'm pretty might also have been Quadacanal, My grandmother refuses to talk about it. Hmmm must find out before she karks it.

traveling North
I'm also a bit changed from my trip north. I've been thinking about it a lot.
I was so aware of being in such an ancient land while I was up there.
We were camping at Edith falls and went swimming a lot. When you look closely at the rocks at the waters edge and see how the water has made the rocks so shiny and textured over the...well, millions of years - literally. It's quite humbling.
I was so aware of being in an ancient land because it just `felt' like it. You could see it too, but you could also feel it. My parents have traveled through the outback for years and always told me I'd love it. People can tell you lots of things but you have to discover some things yourself. I think If I'd been taken out there as a kid I may not have appreciated it so much as discovering it for myself.
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