Right that does it!

Hey this is different. Much easier.
I've had jack of my old site. It's all over the place like a mad woman's shit so I'm going to redesign it and make it easier to update and put it on my internode server so people can see it (well, search engines anyway.) More work for myself but I've just wasted quite a few hours today modifying it and it's past midnight now and it's all been for nothing (ie, none of what I tried to fix worked so it's easier to go back to the drawing board)Lots of templates from now on. Update once, update all.
Sigh. I like this blog idea. It's much easier and so much less hassle.
I've put a placeholder up for Mr Shiny at www.mrshiny.com - more to spur me along.
Get things going. Well, off to bed.
Night, night.
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