Howl's Moving Castle

Here's a pic from the new fillum made by `Spiriting Away's' Hayao Miyazaki, Howl's Moving Castle. There's no website or trailer yet but here's the storyline:
Young Sophie is eighteen, and works tirelessly everyday making hats in the hat shop owned by her deceased father. One day, on a rare outing to town, Sophie accidentally encounters the Wizard Howl. Howl is dashingly handsome, yet as wizards go, he's a bit of a wimp. The Witch of the Waste mistakes the nature of the relationship between the two and casts a spell on Sophie, transforming her into a withered ninety year-old woman.
Sophie leaves home and wanders in the wasteland, where she enters Howl's moving castle by chance. Hiding her true identity, she settles in as Howl's live-in cleaning lady. Feisty old Sophie shakes the house up, with much more pep than she had as her original younger self. What will Sophie do, and what will happen between her and Howl....? Thanks to
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