Rupert Murchdoch IS Batman!!

Now this revelation came to me the other night while watching the Bill -(Don't you think Gill Tucker from Cop Shop could resurect his career on that show? Think about it.) The similarities were obvious. Rupert Murdoch is Batman! Lets look at the facts; Rupert's rich, just like Bruce Wayne. He has the resources and big buildings to make whacky crime fighting contraptions and hide big arse caves with flying rats in them (bats, not pigeons)and he's a right wing freak hell bent on revenge and retribution who's kinks come out in leather,pointy ears and the beating up of criminal types. He's also got a gorgeous chinese wife who I bet likes the costume too but that's another story. Judge for yourselves evil doers - you know it's true.

This is the truth,no word of a lie, check the evidence, it's all there. Posted by Hello
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