Through the darkness, futures past, the magician longs to see...

...One chants out between two worlds - FIRE, WALK WITH ME! Unfortunately this isn't a new Lynch movie but it does look really creepy. The premise? The dead communicating through the white noise in television sets. What will happen when everyone gets digital television?

Ghosts will have to find other ways to screw with us like talking through butter that's been left out on the kitchen counter all day or just continually tapping us on the shoulder when we're trying to work -
"Will you stop it! I'm trying to concentrate."
"But I'm dead. I'm trying to leave you a message."
"Well here's a Post-it note and a pen now fuck off!"
"It's not the same since you got that new telly".

Check out the trailer here

Something creepy this way comes. Posted by Hello
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