Tel-Aviv, Isreal, Tuesday; Palestinian sauces close to many local dishes, mainly meat based, claim to have evidence of a plot to confuse the Palestinian leadership of Yasser Arafat by way of sending in Israeli operatives into secret food outlets on the Golan Heights disguised as anonymous pastries with hard to resist cream exteriors.

"This is a new type of war..." said local Fast Food operator and leader of The Falafal Brigade, `Tim'. "This is a serious attempt by the Isreali Government to take the focus away from their hateful policies of deceipt and war mongering and onto Pastries and Dairy based food products. It's an outrage and extremely confusing as we have no way of answering such stupidity because we have blown up all of our idiots." A spokesgoat for Yasser Arafat has said that the revelations if found to be based on any type of fact, will be chewed over for some time before digestion and ultimately, excretion.

In the United States, a spokesman for the Bush Administration waved delightfully at journalists and blew bubbles through his mouth intermittently before rolling off the podium. Analysts have taken that as a "yes".

Isreali Government Shoe Horn and Minister for the Oblique, Sharon Areaola, (on left wearing latest skull cap in defiance of scriptures) and International currency conveyer belt and coin operated Library Stool, Ben `Puffy' Adams are photographed incognito discussing the exploration of the `Golan Heights' by dressing up in cardboard Birthday Cake outfits and slippers. (so as not to attract attention). Posted by Hello
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