Froot Loop eats Coco Pops....gets skinny.

`When I grow up I’m going to eat whatever I want'. Yeah right kid, you gotta make it there first. On Television, last Sunday night, I watched one of the greatest Television advertising spins I've seen. With fat kiddies the information meme of the moment. How does a company like Kellogs with so many established products like Froot Loops, Rice Bubbles and Coco Pops, move them off the shelves and into the wide open, tubby mouths of the populace?

The answer? Lets make exercise cool! Lets put a fantastic FREE pedometer inside every pack! Yes kids, eat as much Coco Pops as you want and then exercise the fat and sugar out of your tubby lil' bodies with these free pedometers. I know Grant Kenny and his missus have been trying to do this for ages with Uncle Toby's products but they've not the selling power of an idiot mother and her two fat, red headed boys marching around the kitchen in fast motion. Naaahh, the Kenny's are too earnest and whitebread. Kids want anarchy and bum jokes! The Kenny's are gay.

I would have loved one of these pedometers as a sprout, not least because it came out of the cereal box and was more complicated than sticking together two bits of plastic to make a car or plane. But I reckon I would have been walking further than the other kiddies because my sister and I put Milo on top of our Coco Pops. (I kid you not)

I just had to have my very own Kellogs Pedometer lets forget that I paid $45 for one at Christmas time at pharmacy on doctors orders %*@@@**%$.

So off I went to Bi Lo today and bought my very own...

If I eat enough of this...I'll get skinny! Posted by Hello
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