Prince Harry comes clean...

London, Saturday: Examiners are now confident that Prince Harry did not cheat on his art exam despite the protestations of his Art Tutor, Judith Frente-Boistrous. "Going on his excellent reputation and the fact that his Grandmother pays my wages, we have decided not to pursue the matter any further. To do so would be a waste of time and twenty percent off my Holiday loading." Said Examiner, Sir Large Vague Assumption.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has welcomed the decision and vomited up a Get Well card from her Majesty in front of Journalists at a press conference at Downing Street today. Prince Charles has been rumoured to be indifferent on the matter. Prince Harry could not be contacted for comment as he was dispensing aid to starving Aids kiddies in Monte Carlo.

"Naaah bugger orf, It's mine, I did it last week, It's called `Visiting William's Dorm room'. Prince Harry convinces examiners that he didn't cheat on his art exam. Posted by Hello
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