Scientists confirm alien life in photo.

Wellington, New Zealand; Scientists at the University of Wellington, `Spot Welding and it's many Applications' Diploma Course have confirmed for Journalists that the image below is in fact an alien life form. `Due to ut's blurrinuss und unmustakable amibiguity we heve no doubts un our minds thet whut we are looking at uzz not of thus plinet." Said Associate Professor Lionel Headcold. "Unfact, the mire fect thet the photo was taken by an uniducated farmer uz proof enough for us." He continued to drone on.

Wellington `Pike Pleaser' and `Sheep Farmer', Louellen Davies said he was very proud to have taken `another' photo that proved beyond reasonable doubt that New Zealand men were sober, pretty and led gainful lives in this day and age and had nothing to be ashamed of.

New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clarke when told of the photo's existance, fell to ground and began flapping about like the freshly caught fish so many of her country people say she resembles.

This story has been brought to you violently and with no thought whatsoever toward any consequences.

This image was taken behind the toilet bowl at 3am last Thursday night. Scientists confirm presence of alien being. Posted by Hello
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