Hey kids! Collect them all!

Writer, Louis Nowra (name drop time folks) who I once cornered in a bar and had a great discussion with about the pros and cons of writing for film - (at the time he was against it, but I note now he seems to do a lot of it - writing film screenplays that is), has a nice rant in today's Sydney Morning Herald concerning Che Guevara T-Shirt's popping up everywhere and the blind hypocrisy of the left. Click here to read

From the guys point of view it makes perfect sense. They've only got them on because they think it will help them get a root. Lets face it 99% of guys in political activist groups are only there so they can score. They might believe some of it,(pfft!) but only because they haven't thought too hard about it and their dicks at that age do most of the thinking for them.

I'll fold this in the closet next to my Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin t-shirts! Posted by Hello
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