Latham finally comments on Asian Tsunami

Australian Opposition Leader Mark Latham has finally been found and has commented on the Asian Tsunami disaster. The Labour Leader was found recuperating from another flair up of his pancreatic illness in Rio, Brazil, partying with friends and family.

"Me doctor said to take some time off and put me feet up so that's what I was doing." said Latham clutching a nearly empty bottle of Tequilla (yes, they type with the worm in it). "And I was gettin' really bloody better till youse bastards turned up."

While taking a poorly aimed swing at an ABC Journalist he made some comments on the Asian Tsunami disaster before collapsing and being carried off by friends. "Hang Ten Asia! You ride that fucken wave ya bastards!!"

Opposition Leader Mark Latham finally comments on the dreadful Asian Tsunami disaster. "I've never 'eard of a Tsunami but if its anything like this sandwich then what are they whinging about? Don't hold the Mayo!" he yelled as his friends erupted in laughter. "Oooga-chucka,Oooga-Oooga-Oooga-chucka"  Posted by Hello
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