Really really bad

Los Angeles, California; In a shocking presentation to the court today, the prosecution exibited draft graphic artwork that Michael Jackson wanted for the cover of his 1990 album `Bad'.

District Attorney Thomas Sneddon waved the artwork around in the air at one stage yelling to the jury that "...if this wasn't proof that the little freak fiddles kiddies then I'm BATMAN!!" At this, Michael Jackson then lept to his feet and yelled "I knew it!" and started cackling in shrill laughter and making actions like a chicken.

He was restrained by court attendents, cautioned by the judge and licked on the face by his new attorney, Courtney Love who he appointed as his counsel earlier in the week after sacking his previous lawyers, the cast of the cancelled TV series, `The Practice'.

Artwork evidence put forward in the Michael Jackson molestation case. Posted by Hello
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