The Morrie Tickner Story

Another addition to the website is now up and ready to be added to over the coming months, the Stories section!

So far it has just the script for a short film I'd still like to do one day called `Megaphone Grunty' and an old article I wrote some years ago about a pioneer of Australian Television, Morrie Tickner.

Ahhh Morrie, how your influence is still being felt on our screens all these years later. Your indifference to drama, your willingness to compromise and your enthusiastic celebration of the ordinary and mundane. He's the real reason the Logies were invented. In fact I'm sure if Morrie had had his way, there would be no Gold Logie. Just Logies for everyone, so no one would feel any more special than anyone else. Click the `Stories' button above to read the tale of Morrie Tickner, Australia's lost Treasure Rediscovered.

One of the few surviving photo's of Morrie Tickner (far right). Posted by Picasa
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