You woodn't miss this for quids!

Now normally this is something I would be talking up while sitting out the back of Dougies late one summer night with a schoohey in one hand and the bucket in the background, gathered round with me mates making each other giggle. But someone's gone and done it! They've organised a BRYAN BROWN FILM FESTIVAL.

The Sydney Morning Herald has never made me laugh so much (except for the week after Mark `chuckles' Latham lost the election and it got really bitchy). Who'd a thought, A Bryan Brown film festival and at the Revesby Workers Club, almost as good as having it at Rooty Hill RSL (which would have been perfect).

Am I going? No. It's in Sydney. I don't go there unless I have to. But I recommend you do. I hope the man himself makes an appearance.

Note the subtle and judicious use of the colour brown in the ad design. Posted by Picasa
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