A fabulous nobody...

Can this be Mark Latham's next wife? She was at this years Emmy Awards and her name is Tess Smith...who no one has ever heard of... even in Hollywood! The professional pervert in me loves this dress and for many shallow and obvious reasons that I think should be embraced by Australian women. The little darlin's copping a bit of flack on blogs and newspapers because of it but I reckon good on her. She's self promoting herself in an industry of self promotion. I'm only suprised she hasn't won an award for it yet.

No doubt she's the next Hilton so don't be suprised if a high def, home video pops up on the net with her and Charlie Sheen in a kennel. Tess darlin', you get ten out of ten from Uncle Nugget and you're this weeks double-take on the Pop culture highway of circus freaks and limbless love-midgets.

An idea in me brain...
I've got an idea of doing my own celebrity gossip section each week but making it all up...which is really no different to any other gossip column except I state I'm making mine up.

What do you folk out there reckon? It'd be fun...some stories may even take off!Still it's hard to beat reality. Poor old Kate Moss is in trouble for doing coke and having Lesbian sex parties at her house. Now if I'd made that up I'd be accused of being a dirty ole perv (sue me) but this they reckon is real! Good on her.
You go Kate....just make sure you take pictures next time and accidentally leave them around in a Fleet Street cafe.

Update: Hypocrisy is something that never ceases to amaze me. To be honest I could care...well bloody nothing really for Kate Moss but it's staggering that she's being disowned by the fashion houses that employ her. Dear me! How could they possibly be associated with someone who snorts coke?! A fashion house? Surely not! Their morals are unquestionable! They would never get caught snorting it. (and therin lies the rub).
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