Groovin' the F****N MOO!

Hello to those of you who are at this site because you've looked at the url on the poster you bought at the Maitland, Groovin' the Moo and thought you'd find out what drugs the artist is on. `Many different Herring' is all I will say on that matter.
I heard back from the Merchandise tent of one comment about my work; "This guy's on Mushrooms." Which I was quite flattered by - among other very nice comments, so I'm glad folk out there like my work. It makes me feel very warm, moist and damp inside.

Five thousand people, some from as far away as Brisbane turned up for this years first `Groovin' the Moo' at Maitland. For those who don't know Maitland, it's an old rural town, twenty minutes or so north west of Newcastle. Lots of flat land, not many trees and this night was quite warm and still. Not a breath of wind.
The sound from the concert could be heard up to twenty kilometers away. Reliable sources tell of the Mayor of Maitland, on holiday in Tasmania, being rung up by irate Maitlanders (kind of like folk from Finland but not as pretty)complaining to him about the noise. He rang the local `Top Cop' Senior Detective cancerous left testicle and told him to `pull the plug' on the concert. The top cop told the mayor to ingratiate himself with his own lower colon on his own terms and that to stop the concert would be madness and lead to possible rioting. It is unknown how the Mayor responded.(well, that's how I imagine the conversation went).

At the concert I took some photo's. Look! Here they are!

Young girls at the `Moo' dressing up like their pop idol Terry Simpson, the youngest pop star member of the Simpson family (after Jessica and the other one) and the worlds first Down Syndrome Rock Star. His first album `Drooling and smiling for you' will be put out by Sony later this year.

Concert goers mill sheepishly about between sets.

The `Grumbly Tummy Express' plops down at the Moo after making it's torturous passage through the winding streets of Maitland.

Jack `Dusty' Tarpaulin and Bill Meridith, Maitland's only private Jetty owner and Soundtrack specialist enjoy a drink in the VIP area after being thrown in there for brawling.

DJ Hymie Fliesh of Bullshit Rare played to an appreciative crowd in the `Chillout Lounge'.

The appreciative crowd.

Devlin Nutbolt of Hungerford shows off his woolly finger string tricks.

Concert goers express their love for Darryl Sommers.

Hillman Flannel of Jemimah Flats came into town especially for the concert...and to also check out the local beats for new glory holes.

Irving Upload took time off from his busy Maitland Felching Service to let his hair down and catch up with old mate Hillman Flannel.

A sea of brightly shining objects trilled with gallant boistrousness to the warblings on stage.

I had a Pluto Pup for the first time in years, and you know what? They still taste like shit (but sooo good).

Youngun's havin' a wrestle. Girls too I think. mmmmmmmm.

The Hilltop Hoods passed around some of their mums custard and jelly trifle around the crowd.

Meridith Baxter Birney, the mother from `Who's the Boss' wrapped up the night with some cartoons her children made put into Powerpoint presentations.