Five Star Fun for the whole family!

(Update - 10.1.07) Youtube, I've decided, is a bit too complex for my brain. It will show the video below on my website but not this one. Code etc is the same, just won't show. Sigh.
Here's a link then to this ad at my Youtube site.
Here's the first of two ads I made in September this year folks. The lovely folk at Little Green Frog (Marketing, not advertising - apparently there's a difference and they're quite touchy about it....I'm not but they are, snigger) Anyway those advertising folk let me loose in their underwear and here's what we came up with. Many Bothans died to bring you this ad so take care...and may the force be with you.

Hmmm, how come I can't see this one but I can see the one below? Why are my underpants so tight and moist? Hang on. I'm not wearing any....looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing petrol hey bruther? Let my people go and say sorry?!