A whirlwind of activity...

...and I am a Whirling Dervish of desire.
We never see it, but I wonder if those `whirling Dirvish' blokes in Turkey that you see in `Barraka' films and SBS documentaries and such like, when they finish, do they vomit and fall all over the place? Do they have flash-backs and spin out while driving or just suddenly start reeling about while cooking at home or even if you are having a conversation with one, do they roll their eyes suddenly and then start spinning about and falling over in mid sentence?

Well really. Do they? I mean they show us this sort of stuff on documentaries and all, but we never see the consequences. Goddammit. I want answers!
Nuggets Noodle. It's not the hard questions we ask here, it's the odd and seldom thought of ones.
Here's the final ad for the illustration I did recently.
Well. Now that's out of the way with. I need a sandwich.

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