A title for the new Indiana Jones movie

Movie goss time! Just announced, the title of the new Indiana Jones movie is (drum roll...)
"INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL"...... There. (tuck your jammies in, go back to bed now and make sure you've turned off the heater.)

Using my authentic gravel voice disquise and my sisters hairpin, I've deduced (that's Sherlock Holmes speak), that it will be set in the 50's and have Indiana Jones teaming up with his old crumpet, Marion Ravenwood (from Raiders of the lost Ark)and his son! He's also meant to be battling a very naughty Cate Blanchett as a Communist Russian (mmm, please have a riding crop and eye patch) and now it looks like he'll be solving the true life legend of the Crystal skull which you can find out about via this link to Wikipedia.