Go! Speed Racer! Go!

Wow, here are some preview images for you all of the new Speed Racer movie currently in post production. It looks like the Warchowski's (who made the Matrix trilogy) have nailed the `live action' cartoon concept.Ahhh, I love cinema like this. The whole thing was made in a Green Screen studio. There are a few more movies like this coming out soon that I'm excited about seeing including Frank Millers take on one of the great cartoonist's, Wil Eisner's `The Spirit' - A film noir style (which may be very `Sin City' like)Superhero movie set in the 40's. Zac Snyder who made `300' is making the `Watchmen' based on a series of comics I've only just started reading so I can't tell you too much about it yet.

And of course, Pixar will be doing their first live action movie `John Carter of Mars' based on a series of pulp novels from the 1930's about a civil war soldier who finds himself battling dragons, martians and flying about in space ships with busty women in metal bikini's and loin cloths on Mars! And Pixar's making it! That's going to be amazing to see how that comes out.

If these pics of Speed Racer are anything to go by the we're in for some exciting eye candy movies over the next few years. You wouldn't be dead for quids hey?
Now all jokes aside!
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