Dan and Natalie take over the world.

My dear friends Dan Waldron and Natallie Sherring were married a few weeks ago and here's a rundown for you folk who know them. The cojoining of these two was lovely and good for the local economy. They had a beautiful wedding and on Monday launched an aggresive bid for Rio Tinto ahead of BHP-Billington.
N.S.W. State Government treasurer and weekend wedding car hobbyist, Frank Costa drops Natalie off at the local taxi stand conveniently located outside the church.

Grand Canyon tour guide and American Express cover girl, Peggy Thrombosis, arrives by Hover Car for Natalie and Dans Nuptials.

Natalie's father gives his daughter away. This of course would never happen in India where you'd get a good price for this prime piece of ass. I hope Dan appreciates the value of what he's getting! He can always put her up on EBay India later after he gets bored with her.
To the tune of Dans Favorite song,`Convoy', Dan and Natalie leave the church together all `Married up'.

Just like the Kennedy's but with more bagpipes, Mr and Mrs Dan Waldron confront the world Ninja style together.

Gladys Thrush-Decliner, Nerrida Strutwhistle and myself as we appeared in this weeks edition of the `Hamilton Snoop'. The `Snoop' is a particularly vicious local newspaper that prides itself on investigative journalism. Usually in areas where none is concerned or needed...like local weddings for instance. It was reported by the Snoop that week, that the three of us sabotaged Dan and Natalie's wedding by screaming out during the service about the babies we'd had between us that Dan was responsible for and had had aborted. This was of course plainly untrue. They're all in safe homes and wish him and `Mummy-Nat' all the best.

Father `Trim' Bennett and Ms Gladys Thrush-Decliner discuss the nuptials.

Local Town identity and serial pest, Ces Thermos gets it wrong again.

The beautiful yet fiercely competitive Natalie wins by a nose in the Australian Wedding tradition of `Cat fight for my man' usually played out in a fun way with the bridesmaids before the officialities of the reception and often times bringing up deeply hidden feelings and Lesbian-like tendencies amongst the gentler sex. A time worn favorite with the men folk of Australia.

Peggy Thrombosis regaled the guests with ribald stories of her and Natalie's times spent swindling corner shops of their licorice jars and stray men folk across the western half of NSW during the eighties.

Our dinner consisted of Goose lip and armandine Dwarf sauce covering a tender free-loader bred Lamb prebirth cutlet served with a sponged vegetable Julianne assortment of French underpant vegetables. Strangely delicious!
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