A new GOOFY cartoon!

I'm still working on the new website in between work so here's a great lil something I've been wanting to see for quite some time.
A brand new Goofy cartoon! I'd read that the Pixar people oversaw this (and there's a nice lil' appearance from Uncle Walt and Mr Lassiter in it) and that they'd `nailed' the whole tone and style of the old Goofy shorts and still kept it contemporary. I couldn't agree more. They didn't just nail it, they stayed overnight without snoring and cooked it a hearty breakfast in bed in the morning.
Hey, if you can't stretch your analogies what else can you stretch!?
Don't answer that.

Mr Wilbert and myself have long hoped that Pixar would reinvent or `reboot' Mickey Mouse. This may just be the beginning.
And if any Pixar person happens to read this post, Mr Wilbert (who's not a fictional character but a good mate of mine) and I reckon that Mickey should be naughty and mischievous like he was in the original black and white cartoons. That was when he was funniest, had an edge to him and was at the height of his popularity.
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