Alien influenza will destroy us all, before we become mince. No it's true!

Ahhh, there's a break in the fog. I've been in bed dying of the dreaded flu today. So much painful coughing, sneezing and runny snot along with fuzzy brains and poor focus.  When you don't have a cold or flu you forget how much you really don't want to have one again. Well. I do. It's usually a couple or so years between flu's for me and I forget so easily how much I hate them.

But I have some great insights too. Last night it occured to me that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to have `First Contact' with any space aliens coming our way. Forget that they might want to herd us all into feed lots to slaughter us for food (would we be good meat or end up as their version of hamburger?) What if we get some hideous disease that we can't cope with and get wiped out as entire species?

That's enough for now. I'm getting dizzy again and my focus is going in and out. Plus I keep hearing a noise in my head like the Six Million Dollar Man going for a nude, flappy jog.

Time for beddy byes. Nigh nigh now.
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