It's all new folks!

Here it is! My new website! 

I've imported my old Blogger Blog `Nugget's Noodle' into the site in an effort to concentrate my web presence to the one place. So please bear with me as I've nine years of blogging posts to go through and adjust the layout for.

This is going to be THE place to find out what's going on in my world.  The place to look at my latest artwork and if you like something, order it straight from the site using a service called FotoMoto.

With Fotomoto click the link below an image and choose weather you'd like a framed print, poster, canvas print, card or send the image to someone as a free eCard.  FotoMoto process' your credit card details using their secure server or pay through Paypal. They fill out your order to the specifications you've indicated and send it off to you via the wonders of International Postage.   

I'm also going to be adding things I've written over the years, new stuff as I do them and I hope to be documenting my work and life as I go along. I hope it'll be worth watching.


Ross CarrollComment