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A thought bubble bursts over columnists...

A Thought bubble -

Reading the Sydney Morning Herald website this morning, I scanned down through the headlines and came to editorial section where languish the persuasions of public intellectuals and paid-up pundits.

And woop-de-fucken too - here's another article by Gerard Henderson. He's one of those right wing public intellectuals you want to strangle in front of their mother because you and her would both find it funny.
He's not as bad as some as he sometimes seems to be swayed by common sense but more often than not, he's staying on course of the conservative narrative. And he's SO boring! He pops up occasionally on the ABC program `The Insiders' and he reminds me of the old cartoon `Droopy Dawg' with his hang dog, expressionless, humourless face and Truman Capote voice.

The Sydney Herald's `other' right wing columnist, Gerard Henderson at his best. (or when David Marr isn't making him cry on the ABC's Insiders program).

The Sydney Herald's `other' right wing columnist, Gerard Henderson at his best. (or when David Marr isn't making him cry on the ABC's Insiders program).

The thing is. I rarely read what he says anymore because it's just the same old same old. There's nothing new or challenging in what he has to say, it's just the same tired conservative drivel again.  There are others at the Herald I just don't bother reading either - Paul Sheehan, well, I'm still having trouble working out whether he's sane or not.  He tends to be rampantly conservative, but of the Newt Gingrich, Moonbat variety.  

In News Corps stables there's Piers Ackerman and Andrew Bolt.   I'm sure they must get an email each day from Rupert Murdoch and Tony Abbott's office on what position they must maintain on current news items.

However, then there are the same extremist's on the left. Mike Carlton and Phillip Adams are two I have no time for. I read and listened to both for a while, well as much as I could stand to.  

I challenge anyone to not want to stab Phillip Adams in the face and garrotte him with his microphone cable after a couple of listens.  

Thats of course is if you can stay awake, his voice is like a dull white noise designed to bring people down from amphetamine highs.  And he's done fucking everything and knows fucking everyone and told them how to fucking do it. It's to the point now where, and I don't know how he couldn't be aware of this, he's become this pompous parody of himself.

I'm surprised  he hasn't claimed to be there advising Governor Arthur Phillip on how to handle interracial challenges while setting up the colony two hundred years ago.  Honestly this bloke drops name and inserts himself into every significant Australian event ad nauseam. And he's SO boring! Perhaps to balance up Gerard Henderson. 

I try to look out for columnists to read who's opinions are not dictated by ideologies. I can accept left or right leanings, but it's the ones who take issues at face value, who point out the hyprocracies of either the left or right about a situation that I find hard to locate. I can't think of any off of the top of my head though. So I'll have to get back to you on that one.